Nina Porzucki is an audio producer based in Boston.

She currently produces the comedy podcast, Parenting is a Joke with Ophira Eisenberg. Previously, she directed podcasting efforts at GBH launching shows such as NOVA Now, Detours (from Antiques Roadshow) and the Molly of Denali podcast. She also worked as a reporter and producer on the radio program, The World. Early in her career, Nina had a penchant for joining corps; first the Peace Corps in Romania and then traveling around the U.S. recording oral histories for StoryCorps. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School. Her work has aired on the BBC, NPR, PRI/PRX as well as the podcatcher that you love best.

She most recently produced Face-Off: The US vs. China, an 8-part series on US/China relations hosted by Jane Perlez, former Beijing Bureau Chief at the New York Times.

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