Bird Talk

Bird Talk is a fictional interview show with birds. Each week (human) co-hosts, has-been celebrity Lars* Bouchet** and expert birder Tuesday Einhorn, interview one of their fine-feathered friends. They chat with everyone from Tanya the Chickadee and Galaxy the Java Dove to Tristan the Turkey Vulture and more. They discuss it all: flight, feathers, fame, philosophy. No subject is left unruffled.

*You know Lars from the hit ‘90s game show “Rate Your Spouse.” **Lars Bouchet insists that you know, the "t" is silent, “Boo-SHAY”

I conceived of the podcast during COVID while (like millions of others) I sat at my window for hours watching birds flit about outside. The pilot features Michael Ian Black as Lars Bouchet, Aparna Nancherla as Tuesday Einhorn and Maeve Higgins as the chickadee, Tanya. Bird Talk is an “official selection” for the 2024 Tribeca Festival

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