The World

The World’s newsroom was my home for half a decade. I was lucky to produce a terrific host, Marco Werman as well as report many stories of my own. I produced everything from silly to serious.

One highlight of my time at The World was a reporting trip that I made to Poland in the winter of 2017. I went to report on the troubled opening of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk but the trip took me on a deeper journey into the country’s reckoning with memories of WWII and the current governments’ attempts to control the narrative and enforce a “historical policy.”

In this radio story, my co-reporter Urszula Sławiec and I visited the town of Jedwabne, which has been an epicenter in the battle over Poland’s narrative of WWII.

“Neighbors” (aired July 13, 2017 on The World)
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